The intention behind the Greenovate Awards is to:

Expose you to key focus areas concerning sustainability within the industry

Introduce the industry to you - our up-and-coming talent!

The awards encourage you to learn about green building and sustainability early on in your career.

We want you to enter the market as advocates for green buildings, with a passion for creating better, more sustainable cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

How the Greenovate Awards Programme works:

Step 1

Choose your topic for your final year research project. Every year the Greenovate Awards provide you with a range of topics, and many of these will tie in really well with your chosen project. Click here to download a list of topics from previous years.

Step 2

Register here to let us know if you’re interested in participating. A list of all students will be sent to the respective lecturers. During round one, lecturers will select either the top two groups of two or four individual students to participate in the competition.

2023 Highlights

Full student presentations as recorded by USAF can be accessed through this link: 

Welcome to the Greenovate Awards!

As industry leaders and well-recognised innovators, it was important for us to partner up with the Green Building Council South Africa and develop and encourage young talent, like you. That’s why we have created these special awards.

Winning Greenovate gets you:

Great cash prize money

Public recognition

An opportunity to profile your ideas to industry decision-makers

Exposure to potential future employers

This is the perfect platform to get ahead in your career! Enter the Greenovate competition today!

Step 3

Students will have the opportunity to present their projects to a panel of industry experts selected by Growthpoint Properties and the GBCSA in round two. This panel of experts will then select the winning project and the runner ups.

Step 4

Winners for each category will be announced at the prestigious gala dinner and prize giving.
** The judging takes place in Johannesburg, and all participating students from universities based in other cities will be flown to Johannesburg for the judging and gala dinner where winners are announced. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by Growthpoint Properties.